It is possible to use three different rate types, a different rate for each car type.

In recent years, many websites have been made in WordPress, including the websites of many taxi companies. Is your website running on WordPress? Then the Eindhoven software company Pitane BV has a nice addition for the website of a taxi company. The Pitane WordPress Plugin offers your customer the possibility to book rides directly in your agenda package based on pre-set parameters. Plug-ins are generally made to extend a program or give it more possibilities.


It is possible to use three different rate types, a different rate for each car type. Based on the specified rate codes, the price is calculated and displayed to the customer during the booking. The customer has the option to select a taxi, bus or wheelchair bus for the booking. Based on the vehicle type, the associated rate ID is used for the calculation. Because house styles differ from each other, they have chosen to make the Pitane WordPress Plugin fully color adjustable. This way you can fully customize the Plugin based on the style of your website.


WordPress plugins are small pieces of software that further extend the functionality of your WordPress website. Because every WordPress user has different needs and wishes, these functionalities are not included in the core of WordPress. The Pitane WordPress Plugin is free to download from here download link. You only need an API token which communicates with the Pitane API V3 to be able to calculate rides and make bookings

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To install a Plugin on your website you need an administrator account. If you have subscriber, writer, author or editor rights, you will not be able to install a Plugin. WordPress is an open source software, which means that the source code of the system is public and that programmers can add parts to it that you can use for your website. Those parts are called plugins in WordPress.

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