Crowds expected on roads around Easter

Unfortunately, the daily traffic jams on various highways have made a comeback since the work from home advice is no longer in effect. On Tuesdays you have the best chance of standing in traffic jams in the morning and evening rush hours. You have the least chance of standing in a traffic jam on

Recreational cyclist more often on the bike

Recreational cyclists use their pedals more often than five years ago and are more positive about the possibilities for cycling in their own country. This is apparent from a survey that the ANWB had carried out among 9156 cyclists. Nevertheless, recreational cyclists also see areas for improvement. Safety and comfort of the cycle paths and roads

Most tires summer tire test good quality

The ANWB tests summer and winter tires every year. A car tire is the only contact between the car and the road surface. In order to contribute to road safety, the ANWB tests the quality of car tires. The vast majority of summer tires passed the test with results ranging from 'satisfactory' to 'good'. The ANWB