We are now more than a year later and we are still in the middle of the corona crisis. Everyone is more than fed up with it and yearns for a little freedom. This situation demands a lot from people mentally and physically. The economic impact is also severe. The catering industry is now really no longer interested, they have been closed since October 1,5 and will remain closed for the time being. Yesterday, during the press conference of Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge, it was announced that we are getting a little more air, but with a view to protecting vulnerable people and keeping healthcare accessible. From XNUMX March, secondary education and MBO may partly reopen their doors. Pupils and students can physically return to school at least one day a week from XNUMX March. This should contribute to the well-being of the young people and ensure better learning performance. It is, however, necessary that everyone in the school adheres to the XNUMX meter distance rule and wears a mouth mask.

Minister Slob (Secondary Education): “I am glad that all students can physically return to school with some regularity. That's where they learn best. Moreover, this is very important for the well-being of young people. Now they can meet again off screen. Of course I hope they will be able to spend five days in class together again soon, but we have to remain careful and at the same time protect the vulnerable in society.

Minister Van Engelshoven (MBO): “There will be more air for students in MBO. A first step that is desperately needed. In addition to the space that already existed for vulnerable students, practical training and exams, students can also take regular lessons one day a week. Being able to meet each other a little more often is valuable and important to somewhat alleviate the gloomy situation many students find themselves in. ''

Young people up to the age of 26 are also allowed to exercise outside with more than 2 people. Curfew and lockdown will remain in effect until at least March 15th. Contact professions (with the exception of sex workers) can also start working again from 3 March, the hairdressers will be busy with all corona haircuts. Of course, there are rules attached to this, you must make a reservation and a corona check must be done at the customer for any complaints. You should also wear a mouth mask and, where possible, keep a distance of 1,5 meters, although the latter seems very difficult during cutting. The driving schools can also start working again from 3 March, everyone can again take lessons and take practical exams. The enormous waiting lists can now finally be removed. 

The stores can receive customers by appointment from 3 March, 2 customers per floor. Customers who want to use this must register at the store 4 hours in advance. A visit should last at least 10 minutes to avoid too many customers taking turns and in this way contact between customers should be avoided. Mouth caps duty continues to apply here. The flight bans for certain countries that have been declared on January 23, will remain in force until at least March 4. We have to wait and see when we can eat out again or sit somewhere nice on a terrace. All the rules announced during yesterday's press conference can be found on the website of the National government.  

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