Simpler, more efficient and more accessible: the new version of the De Lijn app looks completely different. A new design, real-time departure and arrival times, a busy barometer, an optimized route planner: the novelties of this version make the app even more user-friendly. In addition, the app is accessible to blind and partially sighted people. Thanks to the real-time information in the new app, travelers know when their bus or tram is coming. They can still do their thing before they go to the bus stop. Travel information along the way is available, reliable and, above all, increasingly accurate. So travelers can leave with peace of mind. 

Real-time info is on edge

In 97% of the cases, the traveler can find out via the app when a bus or tram will be at a stop, a significant increase compared to last year. More than 92% of the information shown corresponds to reality within a minute. De Lijn also continuously optimizes the way in which all this is shown on the website and stop signs, in the app and in the route planner. This makes it very clear for everyone. 

But there is more: the app is still useful for many things. For example, travelers can use it to buy a ticket or use it to map out the most interesting routes by train, tram, (pre) metro or bus. Routes can be saved as favorites to make future journeys easier. Travelers can of course also search for a stop or an important destination and the desired time. Thanks to the busy barometer, travelers can see how busy it is on the bus or tram they want to take. The home screen shows the favorite stops to check the real-time info in an instant. The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen provides easy access to the various functions of the app.

More accessible than ever 

The renewed app is accessible to blind and partially sighted people. They can plan a route, check the timetable or buy tickets, all thanks to voice-over technology. In addition, visually impaired people can easily adjust the font size in the settings of their smartphone. Thus, the content is displayed at a size that they choose themselves The line.

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