Large and small ANVR travel organizations for business and leisure travelers, (independent) travel agents and near and far travel specialists; they badly need the government support to survive 15 months inactive and to bridge the corona crisis in the coming months. With the world finally opening up - just ajar -, the travel industry is currently content to extend support over the next three months. According to the sector organization, the cabinet must realize that this is also an SME crisis and that the travel sector mainly consists of SMEs that are trying to keep their heads above water. In addition, 'by order' of the government, the travel sector has been closed for 15 months and many companies focused on long-haul travel will also have to remain closed in the coming months.

"We are pleased with the promised support, but are not yet confident about what will happen after those three months. At the end of January, when he visited outgoing president Mark Rutte, he expressed his appreciation for the responsible attitude of the sector, let Hugo de Jonge knows at the beginning of March that 'it will be a beautiful summer' and last week we again explain to the cabinet informer how hard our companies are financially. And for our self-employed, a large group of independent travel agents nothing has been arranged yet. , for they cannot avail of any scheme.”

Frank Oostdam, chairman of the ANVR.

As one of the hardest and longest hit sectors, the travel industry had actually pinned its hopes on more sector-specific measures. But despite all the letters, visits to and conversations with ministers and state secretaries, these measures never materialized. Despite huge revenue losses, hundreds of thousands of repatriations and cancellations, ANVR travel companies still adhere to the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by not arranging trips to orange areas, while they are on their lips. 

The travel sector is therefore calling on the government to continue the financial support until the end of the year, so that many companies do not go under in sight of the port. Soon everyone will be vaccinated or tested and the travel companies will be able to do what they do best: organize a holiday or business trip for the consumer. But then the sector will still need government support this year, according to the ANVR.

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