Environmental department Rijnmond DCMR sees the number of reports about nuisance from Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) reduced by half in the special year 2020 (-51%). According to the environmental service, the total number of 'large aviation' flights decreased more sharply last year (-61%). This is apparent from the annual report drawn up by DCMR on reports of nuisance caused by aircraft movements to and from Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA). The report is drawn up every year on behalf of the Rotterdam The Hague Airport Administrative Management Group (BRR). DCMR sees that due to the corona crisis and the greatly reduced air traffic, the number of reports is also much less.

The main conclusions:

  • A total of 30.773 reports were made about air traffic to and from Rotterdam The Hague Airport;
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is strongly impacting this number;
  • The number of reports is half less than the average over other years (-51%);
  • The total number of 'large aviation' flights decreased more sharply by -61%;
  • The number of complaints about sports aircraft doubled;
  • Complaints about 'small aviation' decreased slightly by -2%;
  • The amount of aircraft noise measured in the residential areas decreased (annual average in Bergschenhoek -3dB and in Schiedam -4,5dB).

The environmental service also noticed that the number of reporters who report 1 or 2 times do not come back again. The turnover is high within this group, according to DCMR.


“The environmental service is the counter for reports and questions about aviation in South Holland. Your report may give rise to further investigation. Often it is not immediately possible to do something about the nuisance. But in the long term, this can contribute to reducing nuisance. This gives us insight into where and when the most nuisance occurs and we can do our utmost to adjust this. Together with Rotterdam The Hague Airport and our partners, we are continuously looking for a balance between the benefits and burdens of the airport. We therefore make the airport decision to be requested in co-creation with our neighbours, politicians and other stakeholders. We take reports such as those from DCMR seriously.”

General director Ron Louwerse.

5.314 aircraft movements
Rotterdam The Hague Airport had 5.314 aircraft movements (-69%) and 36 destinations (-12) last year. In 2020, 485.000 passengers traveled to and from RTHA. As a result, we see the number of travelers decrease by 77 percent during this special year. The year 2019 was a record year with 2,1 million passengers, according to Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

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