Kip Caravans has succeeded in having no less than two of the four caravan models provided with the high Energy Label A. Following on from the smallest model, the Kip Shelter, its slightly larger sister, the Kip Kompakt, has recently also received an A energy label. De Kip caravans are the first and only caravans in the world with an energy label. The label has been obtained through measurements based on the architectural structure and insulation in floors, walls, roof and ventilation.

The energy label:

With an energy label, buyers and tenants can see at a glance whether a measured object, such as a caravan in this case, is economical or inefficient. This is handy, because opting for an economical caravan means: more driving comfort and less CO2 emissions, so better for the environment. The energy label indicates whether the caravan consumes little energy (energy label A) or a lot (label G). Measurements are performed by an independent and certified agency.

Environmentally conscious camping:

In addition to the measured variables from the energy label, the Kip Shelter and Kompakt have additional properties that enable environmentally-friendly camping, such as the low fuel consumption of the towing vehicle. This is achieved by the low weight of the Kip Kompakt (790 kg/ Kip Shelter even 560 kg) and the aerodynamic design. For example, the caravan has a lifting roof to reduce the driving height.

Suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles:

Sustainable camping and back to basics is the trend of the moment. Together with these trends and the increasing number of electric and hybrid cars, the Kip Caravan is very popular. The Kip models respond optimally to this. The low weight and streamlined appearance (fuel-saving) make the Kip Caravans extremely suitable for the towing vehicles of today and the future. Kip expects to achieve the highest energy label in the foreseeable future for other popular Kip models, such as the Kip Kip Vision and Kip Greyline.

Kip Compact with Energy Label A (790 kg)

A lightweight caravan with a lifting roof that can be towed by almost any car. The Kip Kompakt has sufficient living, storage and sleeping space for two or three campers. There are 2 variants: with an extra spacious kitchen and fixed toilet, or with extra seating and space for a mobile toilet.

Chicken Shelter with Energy Label A (from 560 kg)

The feeling of tent camping in a small camper. Equipped with extra comfort, such as a standard 2 meter bed and possibly with a mobile toilet, underfloor heating and plenty of storage space. The lifting roof and awning also provide an extra atmosphere and ventilation in the Kip Shelter.

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