The top of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) teamed up with the Auxiliary Troops foundation of Sywert van Lienden, while it was known that a non-profit distribution chain had been lied to that Van Lienden had set up with KLM before the flight. of mouth caps. This is reported by research platform Follow the Money.

At the end of March 2020, the National Aids Consortium (LCH) set up an air bridge between China and the Netherlands with airline KLM. The purchasing organization and KLM agreed that this connection would only be used for the government and not for the Van Lienden foundation. Nevertheless, Van Lienden incorrectly stated several times that he was doing business with KLM. “KLM was mentioned in every presentation. Van Lienden has long claimed that KLM was a partner,” says VWS top official Mark Frequin.

The top of VWS knew that Van Lienden's claim was false. Nevertheless, his foundation threatened to become a competitor of the LCH, in the eyes of the then responsible minister Martin van Rijn (Medical Care): “He feared that the LCH and the Van Lienden Auxiliary Troops would start bidding against each other and thus increase the prices even further. would increase,” said Frequin.

The House of Representatives wants Van Lienden and his business partners Bernd Damme and Camille van Gestel to return the 28 million euros they earned with the mouth mask deal to the taxpayer. Sywert van Lienden has more than 9 million euros left over from his mouth mask deal with the government and his business partners raised more than 5 million euros. This emerges from research by the platform for investigative journalism Follow the Money (FTM). Van Lienden has also confirmed the amount to FTM.

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KLM fleet at Schiphol
Gate 12
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