From now on, various travel companies, affiliated with the travel industry organization ANVR, will carry out trips to all kinds of destinations worldwide at the request of travelers. Now that almost 80% of Dutch 18+ people have been fully vaccinated and support measures, according to the cabinet, are no longer necessary because there are practically no more restrictive measures, the travel sector sees room for safe and responsible travel to both destinations within and outside the Netherlands. outside of Europe.

The ANVR assumes, as announced by outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte during the press conference on Tuesday 14 September, that the cabinet, when “looking at exactly what kind of support is needed” for the catering industry, also includes the severely affected travel sector. takes in this. In recent weeks, the umbrella organization has emphatically urged the government to extend support measures and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. Travel companies, and in particular long-distance travel specialists who have been completely shut down for 1,5 years, desperately need this support. All the more so since all travel advice for destinations outside Europe is not yet put on yellow.  

The main obstacle to traveling and vacations to destinations outside the European Union is still the negative travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Travel companies have not been able to do business for more than 1,5 years, while the world is now really different, according to the travel umbrella. In determining travel advice, the Dutch government could take a good example from its German colleagues, who have lifted the quarantine obligation for vaccinated travelers upon return. And if you don't have to quarantine after your return, the destination country is also safe enough to go to.

"Our advice to the cabinet to adjust the current travel advice worldwide to yellow or even green is simply because it is really possible. The successful vaccination campaign already ensures that almost 80% are fully vaccinated, which - of course, taking into account the measures taken by travel service providers and local governments - should be able to travel freely worldwide. And many travelers want that too, our travel organizations notice!"

Frank Oostdam, chairman of the ANVR.

In anticipation of the possible adjustments to travel advice in the autumn, as the ministry announced in a conversation with the ANVR last week, some travel companies are already starting to carry out trips to orange destinations, but only if they plan the trip properly and safely. can provide without impossible entry restrictions and if the customer wants it. If the customer has booked a trip to an orange destination and the travel company can carry out the trip responsibly and safely at the time of departure, nothing stands in the way of carrying out the trip to this orange destination. If the customer has booked to a yellow destination and the destination changes to orange before departure, the customer has the option of going or rebooking his trip in consultation with the travel organization.

The ANVR assumes, and also calls on travel insurers, that in this changing travel world they also play their part in insured travel. In addition, the ANVR the cabinet and the ministry to make travel worldwide possible again in consultation with the travel sector by adjusting travel advice. 

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