Cycling has several advantages, you get exercise, you reduce the emission of CO2 and other unhealthy substances and the bicycle takes up less space than a car. Cycling is increasing in the Netherlands, but where should we park all those bicycles? Streets and sidewalks are getting narrower and there is less and less space. It is an often seen street scene, bicycles crammed together and bicycles that stand in the way here and there on the sidewalk, for example. People with, for example, rollators and prams experience this nuisance because they can no longer pass. Because cycling is a good alternative to the car, more and more people are cycling. A car takes up much more space than a bicycle, but as a cyclist you probably often wonder: where do I leave my bicycle? 

In more and more cities, temporary tests are being carried out by the municipality with so-called bicycle ramps. These bicycle ramps are temporarily placed somewhere as a test and eventually residents and the municipality will decide whether the platform should remain in place or be moved to another location. Perhaps you have never heard of it, a bicycle platform is a shelf with 4 or 5 bicycle racks on which eight to ten bicycles can be parked. This platform can be placed on a car parking space, it takes up exactly one parking space. Municipalities like 's-Hertogenbosch, Arnhem, Barneveld, The Hague and Leiden have already carried out tests with the installation of the bicycle ramps. Residents of various municipalities could apply for a bicycle platform, for example if there was a need for extra parking spaces for bicycles.

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