An advantage of the corona crisis was that it was very quiet on the roads. It is now quite busy on the Dutch roads. We are now regularly in traffic jams, which takes some getting used to because we haven't had any problems with that for months. Partial road closures, accidents and lane closures cause a lot of delays on the road. Rain showers in the morning and the partial closure of the A12 between Utrecht and The Hague do not help. Tuesday was the busiest morning rush in ages, with no less than 468 kilometers of traffic jams at the peak. 

We have noticed for some time that it is busier on the roads, but we now increasingly wonder whether the weather is just as busy on Dutch roads as it was before the corona crisis. More and more people have been working at the business since the relaxation of the corona measures, which means more traffic on Dutch roads. According to the ANWB a traffic jam of 468 kilometers was not unusual before the corona crisis. If we want to solve the traffic jam problem, distributed home working could help or not travel during rush hour, this has become apparent during the corona crisis.

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working from home.
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