Two years after the successful opening of a second e-HUB in Liège (LGG), Belgium, ViaEurope, a leader in e-commerce logistics in Europe, is pleased to announce the further European expansion of the company with the opening of a third e-HUB at Budapest Airport (BUD), Hungary.

“LGG's success in just two years validates our concept of connected e-HUBs and confirms that it can be duplicated wherever we see fit. As we continue to expand our footprint across the continent, strong investments from Budapest Airport, and its e-commerce commitments, put us at the center of a new regional freight hub in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE).”

BJ Streefland, CEO and founder of ViaEurope.

The unique and strategic geographical location of Budapest Airport in CEE is an undeniable advantage for ViaEurope, as its catchment area covers the entire CEE region, including Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic , parts of Germany etc.

Also, the recently signed cooperation agreement between China and Hungary, the so-called “Air Silk Road”, has led to the establishment of a special logistics center for cargo flights: BUD Cargo City. This new freight handling center, which opened in January 2020, allows ViaEurope to manage its own Customs warehouse and to digitalize customs clearance 24/7. The ViaEurope e-HUB is located directly at the airport and has easy access to the runways, a direct connection to Hungary's motorway network and easy access to neighboring countries. The new facilities of BUD Cargo City and the current network of cargo flights provide an excellent environment for ViaEurope to start its BUD e-HUB project.

“We are delighted to partner with BUD Airport, which aims to become an e-commerce hub for CEE and provide companies such as ViaEurope with innovative air freight logistics solutions,”

BJ Streefland, CEO and founder of ViaEurope.

“E-commerce cargo has a bright future at Budapest Airport. We want to continue to develop our cargo capabilities, support the implementation of new cargo technologies and build strong partnerships with the e-commerce community. BUD is therefore pleased to be the third European e-HUB from ViaEurope. Their approach to e-commerce logistics is driven by technology and data analytics, something we also strongly believe in."

René Droese, Chief Development Officer of Budapest Airport.

ViaEurope BUD e-HUB will be operational just in time for the next peak season in November. As in AMS and LGG, the company will offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including airport handling, customs clearance, last-mile delivery and line haul services.

About the company

ViaEurope is an e-logistics company based in Amsterdam. Although it has been active in the field of technology and logistics for five years, the company still operates and grows with a start-up mentality. Technology is at the heart of business strategy. ViaEurope processes more than 350 tons or more than 300.000 e-commerce parcels per day. The bulk of the volume comes via air, sea, rail and road and is routed through the connected e-HUBs at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Liege Airport in Belgium and now Budapest in Hungary. For more information, visit our website and our Linkedin profile.

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