The ANWB publishes the Safe Driving Report every year. The data from this report comes from the Safe Driving Insurance. Every year, more than 20.000 traffic victims suffer serious injuries. And the number of road deaths has not decreased in recent years. The ANWB is committed to road safety in our country and they want to reduce the number of road casualties. Five years ago, the ANWB started the Safe Driving Insurance. 

This Safe Driving Car Insurance works as follows: the safer you drive, the less you pay premium. Good driving behavior is therefore rewarded. Now I hear you think, how does the ANWB know whether someone is driving safely? They have two data sources: a dongle (a small box that is attached to the OBD port of the car) and the Safe Driving app (the customer places a small Bluetooth transmitter in his own car). Based on the factors speed, bends , braking, acceleration and telephone use determine how safe a person drives. 

The data that comes out of this is very useful for the ANWB. The Safe Driving Report shows, among other things, that the average driving score of men and women is almost the same. Men score 76,4 and women 76,5, so the discussion that men drive better than women is a myth. Driving scores are above 70 percent everywhere in the country, but what is striking is that in the West of the country the scores are lower than in the East of the country. 

The cause of this probably has to do with the traffic on the roads and the road network in the Randstad. You can also in this rapport find the driving score per age category and the number of actions such as speed, bends, braking and acceleration per 1000 km. With this behavioral data, the ANWB contributes to safer traffic. Under certain conditions, the data is made available anonymously to road authorities. An example of this is the successful pilot in Rotterdam.  

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More than 20.000 traffic victims per year.
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