Two groups of Dutch companies in the transport sector have received a joint subsidy of 47 million euros. They will use this to work on electric transport and transport on hydrogen. Industry group VDL, truck builder DAF and chip company NXP are part of the consortia, in which they collaborate with other partners such as research institute TNO, Eindhoven University of Technology and Maastricht University.

In the field of electric transport, a consortium will be involved in, among other things, the local development and production of innovative batteries for electric vehicles. Attention is also paid to a smart charging infrastructure, the recycling of batteries and a progressive battery management system. For hydrogen, the consortium partners are looking at hydrogen combustion engines and fuel cells, but also at the technology for the infrastructure required for the storage of that fuel.

In addition to the 47 million euros that the government is investing in the research, the participants in the consortia themselves contribute 26 million euros. This brings the total amount to be spent at 73 million euros.

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Daf Giesen
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