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With data, Ai and Machine Learning, gribb.tech and Experience Data have developed a new tool to help deliverers, couriers and (taxi) drivers drive safer and more efficiently. The software tool provides insight into the driving behavior of drivers and gives them tips via an app on how they can concretely improve their driving behaviour. The tool is already in use at DHL Express, Zego and numerous large business fleets.

“Most modern business vehicles are connected. These are therefore connected to a cloud in which various data sources are stored. gribb developed a software tool that enriches vehicle data with external sources.” Think of weather, road type, maximum speed on site, dangerous intersection, night/day, etc. With this data we have created models that enable us to drive behavior such as a safe speed, slow down traffic without extra wear through bends, efficient driving and safe acceleration in the right context. This is complex because these values ​​differ per vehicle type, per road type and per country. Our clients want 1 solution for the whole of Europe and a solution for multiple drivers per vehicle.”

Improving driving behavior with Artificial intelligence

Together with Marco de Jong, CEO of Experience Data, a way was sought to place individual data types in an understandable context and to interpret them automatically and intelligently. The aim is to help drivers improve their driving behaviour.

For this, interaction and cooperation with the driver is essential. Because why a driver makes a certain choice in a certain situation is not (yet) stated anywhere in the data. Because the model asks for feedback, the solution is smarter every time and the driver is helped better every time. It is never perfect, but it gets better every day, just like the driving behavior of the drivers. 

“It is therefore of the utmost importance that a driver recognizes himself in the driving behavior that we provide feedback and is allowed to give his opinion about this score. We use artificial intelligence to identify areas where drivers can improve their driving behaviour. So if you as a director are offered concrete actions that really help you further, you as a director really feel helped”.

Microlearning and gamification

Via the grib app, drivers are offered micro-learnings to improve on a specific point in combination with gamification. A fleet manager sees daily excess reports so that mentor drivers can help drivers get better before damage occurs.

“A frequently asked question is: what about privacy? Of course this varies from country to country. The data we use is in fact already available data from the existing telematics. The driver himself is the only one who sees in the app how he/she scores compared to colleagues. Fleet managers only see excess reports that could result in accidents without action. So management by exception. The approach does not exclude anyone. The data is specifically used to make drivers even better. Ultimately, there is no one against more road safety.”

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