The delivery man is on his way and can be there any moment.

A tour of several restaurants shows clear signs that the shortage of staff is playing tricks. Waiting for the order and not sure if the food will come. Tracking services of the delivery service do not work or do the consumer believe that the delivery person is on his way and automatically e-mail after two hours the question what you thought of the order? So time to do some research.

delivery person not always guilty

Is it always the deliverers? No, restaurants also have problems. We have to make a stand for delivery guys after hearing this story. 

“I went to call restaurant Hemels in Eindhoven around 19.00:17.20 PM after I placed an order on the home delivery platform at XNUMX:XNUMX PM. Didn't see a delivery service so I made a first call to the restaurant. The phone was not answered at first and after some time I ended up in voicemail. Tried again a few minutes later and I was met by a friendly lady who told me that the delivery person had been on the way for some time and could be there any minute. Good news, then, that the 'heavenly' meal was on its way and the lady wished me well.”

When an order comes in, the platform immediately links a delivery person to the restaurant. Only then is the order accepted when the service communicates the time when the delivery person must report to the restaurant and the restaurant must ensure that the food is ready at that time. 

"Around 19.45:3 pm no delivery person in sight, so another call to the restaurant. Another lady on the line who told me that the order had not yet been processed because, according to her own words, they have a lack of staff and only had to take care of the service with two people. The lady burst into tears on the phone during the conversation and apologized that no one had left but she herself could no longer handle the crowds. During the conversation, the crying lady was taken over by the first lady who we spoke to earlier. She thought the order had long gone, but on closer inspection the receipt had been lost. In short, no food after more than XNUMX hours of waiting."

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bicycle delivery service home

"Angry calls and bad reviews are not always the result of a lack of staff in the delivery services."

So the problem is not always with the deliverers. When there is no food ready, they can do little. The Koninklijke Horeca recognizes the problems and indicates that the peak in the number of orders is greater due to the early closure of the catering industry. A good tip would of course be that the restaurant puts itself on “closed” on the platform to prevent customers from being served. When it comes to really staffing the delivery people, the restaurant may consider placing itself on “open for takeout but closed for delivery”.

In corona time, many restaurants have been added. They do not deliver with their own people, but with deliverers from platforms such as Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. When explaining the situation on the phone, people are usually understanding, but lying about the delivery person who is not on the road at all is wrong. The result is invariably bad reviews on the booking platform. They can prevent this by quickly setting themselves to “closed” in the event of a lack of staff. 


Very annoying for the hungry consumer who paid everything in advance when placing the order. As for the payment, it is not yet clear how that money will be returned. After submitting a complaint and requesting a refund, they received an automatic response from the platform that they do their best to provide an answer as soon as possible. The answer may also be delayed due to staff shortages.

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