Children are also allowed to play on the street in a residential area.

From Friday 5 August, the city center of Hasselt will change into a large residential area. Anyone who ever said that things are going a bit slower in Limburg will be right as far as mobility is concerned. Cyclists are also not allowed to cycle faster than 20 km in the city centre. per hour. How the police should enforce this remains to be seen, but it is said that the enforcers will do this with bicycle patrols and speed cameras.

The fines are not flimsy. The driver's license will be revoked if the offender is flashed at more than 57 km/h. The police indicate that they will enforce the maximum speed of 20 km/h for all motorized traffic, including bicycles and e-steps. The difficulty is that bicycles and scooters do not have number plates. It will therefore only be possible to report the incident by an on-the-spot determination.

residential area

The weakest road user within the Hasselt residential yard, perhaps the largest in Flanders, is the pedestrian. These are best protected and can use the full width of the road from today. In a residential area, children are also allowed to play in the street and all other road users must adapt their speed to pedestrians and children playing.

"A city may be accessible, but the streets are primarily intended for local traffic and cyclists."

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The weakest road user is the pedestrian.

In Ghent there was previously a lot of protest against traffic plans, but as it now looks like things are going smoothly in Hasselt. The entire city center of Hasselt is now a residential area. Many cities such as Antwerp and Brussels have opted for pedestrian zones or large ones areas 30 in their downtown. No separate footpath, cycle path or road, all users share the entire public road. In the residential area, the pedestrian is the determining factor and the rest must adapt completely without any discussion.

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