At the request of travel industry organization ANVR, research bureau GfK this week conducted a representative sample among the Dutch population and asked about the consumer's perception of their holiday this summer. This research shows that we are looking for the holiday destination closer to home, that we have a high priority for safety and responsibility and that we show solidarity. Everyone finally wants to go on holiday, but that young people are really 'done' with corona is also clearly evident.

When asked what consumers choose if they can travel again next summer, 84% say they want to go on holiday despite possible corona measures. Slightly more than average (27%) say they spend their holiday in the Netherlands, 31% choose a car holiday destination in Europe, 13% choose a European flight destination and 8% choose a holiday outside Europe. Young people here stand head and shoulders above the others. Not even 1 in 10 stays in the Netherlands, 1 in 3 chooses a European flight destination and 1 in 10 chooses a holiday outside Europe.

Frank Oostdam, chairman ANVR: “Offering a perspective when it comes to when 'we are allowed again', as is also done in the United Kingdom, is not only important for our sector, but for every Dutch person who really does not hope that his holiday in the water this year too falls. The Dutch are still willing to follow all kinds of measures, the research shows, but for how long? We really insist on perspective. And if, according to Hugo de Jonge, a large part of the Dutch population was vaccinated this summer, tests, tests and more tests offer the solution to help the Dutchman who has been 'at home' for more than a year now. ”

It is still the case that 82% indicate that they follow a travel advice from the government that is dissuasive; that percentage is much lower for young people (68%). However, almost 10% of all respondents already indicate that they are going abroad this summer, despite a possible negative travel advice from the government. Among the young people this is even 1 in 5. “That percentage seems low, but there are a lot of Dutch people who want to take a risk and as soon as a dot remains on the horizon, this number will only grow”, according to Oostdam. About 60% of the respondents think it is most important that traveling to and at the destination is safe and responsible. They consider this even more important than getting the money back if the trip cannot take place (36%). This is actually the other way around for young people. The ANVR reports this on their website. 

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