People who have not yet been vaccinated must be compensated for the costs of a PCR test if they want to travel abroad. The ANWB thinks that now that there is a prospect of a holiday outside the Netherlands. A family of four can now just spend a thousand euros in test costs for the outward and return journey. This is a significant drain on the holiday budget and will discourage many people from booking a holiday abroad, if this is possible again. According to the ANWB, it would be reasonable to support the relevant group of travelers who are now caught up in the air in a price concession or by maximizing the rate for a PCR test and providing proof of this.

It is expected that some of the European countries will decide this summer to open the borders to holidaymakers who have been vaccinated or tested negative. In principle, people who have already been vaccinated no longer need to undergo a PCR test and therefore incur no additional costs. However, those who have not yet been vaccinated and have not had COVID-19 will incur the high costs due to the compulsory PCR tests on the way there and back. The costs of a test at an airport quickly add up to almost 150 euros per test per person. Now that the test can also apply to the return journey, a family of four will easily spend more than 1000 euros on tests. 

The ANWB believes that vaccinated and non-vaccinated should be treated equally and that non-vaccinated should not incur substantial additional costs. In a European context, too, a resolution calls for the provision of a free or affordable PCR test with the involvement of Dutch MEPs Sophie in 't Veld and Jeroen Lenaers. Our own responsible ministers recently argued in a response to the European green certificate for the prevention of discrimination against non-vaccinated people against vaccinees, according to the ANWB.

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