This year, the 25th anniversary of Pride Amsterdam will be extensively discussed, which will take place from 31 July to 8 August 2021. The program is currently under development and will depend on the corona measures that apply now and in the future. In addition, PrideTV will be made and there are various activities around this year's theme 'Take Pride in Us'. This means that Pride Amsterdam is fully visible and present this year to draw attention to the LGBTIQ + community. The 1,5 meter measure is not feasible for the boat parade and is therefore being postponed to 2022.

“We are pleased that Pride Amsterdam can continue this year. Together with the municipality of Amsterdam, we are working on the most feasible program for the end of July. This means that we examine all components and determine how they can proceed responsibly with the measures in force at that time. With the 1,5 meter measure and testing for access, the boat parade is unfortunately not an option. This will therefore be postponed to 2022. Hopefully that will be a different story for the parties and Pride Park. ”

Lucien Spee, director of Pride Amsterdam.

Program in preparation

Now the decision has been made to Pride Amsterdam To continue this year, the program will be compiled in the coming weeks with all the committees and partners involved. For the square parties and Pride Park, it is examined in what form and under what conditions they can take place and whether an appeal can be made on the guarantee fund. Being able to continue the Pride Walk demonstration is also a wish that is being worked hard on. In addition, many small-scale meetings and events are of course possible by then. The final program will be announced at the beginning of July.

“With Pride we celebrate the difference, the love and the freedom to be who you want to be. Acceptance and emancipation starts with being visible. That is why it is very important that our city comes together again to celebrate difference and draw attention to everyone who does not have this freedom. Of course we have to take into account corona, but we are again committed this year to make what is possible. At the end of July, we celebrate 25 years of Pride. We do this safely, with pleasure and above all with conviction: especially now ".

Alderman Rutger Groot Wassink.
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