The Netherlands

Nature permit Lelystad Airport rejected

Lelystad Airport has not yet received a nature permit to serve as a fall-back airport for Schiphol. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality rejected an application because the calculations on nitrogen emissions were incorrect. Insiders confirm this after a message from EenVandaag. Lelystad Airport was one of the companies that

Camper location of the year 2022 chosen

Campers choose Camperplaats 't Rooth in Limburg and SVR Landschapscamping Sparrenhof in Drenthe as Camperlocation of the year 2022. This is an award from Campercontact, one of the largest platforms with motorhome locations in the world. The locations score with an average rating of 4,96 and a 5 (out of 5) the

NS allows Ukrainian refugees to travel for free

Ukrainian refugees can travel for free by train in the Netherlands. NS reported on Tuesday that Ukrainians fleeing their country because of the war can get a train ticket by showing their passport or ID. According to a spokesperson, refugees from Ukraine travel to the Netherlands via, for example, Germany, Belgium or France. "In that

The Netherlands went out a lot last year

The Netherlands went out a lot last year. More than three quarters of the Dutch have visited an outing. Not only did people flock to forest and recreational areas, zoos and amusement parks were also popular. This is apparent from research by the ANWB during the election of the 'Best outing in the Netherlands 2022'. During the